At Funky Kalakar, we have discovered novel methods to do our bit and give back to the society. The entire business model revolves around collaborating with artisans from economically challenged backgrounds. Such alliances have been labelled as fair trade, ethical fashion and much more. But for us, it is a medium to accumulate assets by way of prosperous ties with endowed artists and their stories. Over the last few months, we have had the pleasure of travelling extensively across India in pursuit of such artisans and their craft. Below you will find some of the initiatives that have struck a chord with us and the artisans who have chosen to be associated with Funky Kalakar. 

Our Self Help Group 

Funky Kalakar has had the honour of working with a self-help group comprising of 12 women from the village of Naggar in Himachal Pradesh, India, for the creation of woolen accessories. Our purpose for this initiative has been to empower these strong, gifted artisans so as to assist their families out of poverty and become the creative entrepreneurs that they are. They have shown to be true masters of their craft and helped churn out a commendable range of woolen accessories infused of course, with a lot of love and dedication. It's just like the way our grandmothers used to knit! 

Women Empowerment - Srujna 


Srujna's mission has always been to catalyse the transition of poverty-ridden women into independent and actively contributing members of their respective communities. Funky Kalakar has joined forces with Srujna for the production of cotton tote bags which shall be shipped with every product purchase, for free.   

Kala Raksha 

We have collaborated with Kala Raksha for a special project aimed to reduce waste generated by the fashion industry. Using the surplus fabric from the garment manufacturing process, Funky Kalakar has handcrafted indoor game sets such as Chess and Snakes & Ladders. This initiative has been backed by the priceless hard work and determination of the underprivileged women from the village of Sumrasar of Bhuj in India. Drop by our 'Games' section for more information.