A realm that worships a myriad of gods. Traditions that echo of untold stories and great passion. And people constantly reinventing themselves. We deem ourselves capable of communicating these stories to the world. 

Funky Kalakar is the conception of a long journey fueled by enthusiasm and devout respect for ingenious art forms. We have come to understand that the world without the beauty of art and its principles is a world lacking life. That being said Funky Kalakar aspires to make a mark in the grey blur of the convention.  

We work out of a handbook that mirrors our outlook of the world. Our principles are not rooted in the origins of the people we work with, but with the heart, they put into their craft to create something magnificent. It suffices to say that Funky Kalakar has been built upon three strongholds. Those being a hope for sustainability, a vision for empowerment and of course a sanctuary for the artistic temperament.  

Our Principles

Art: Our primary motivation has been to serve as a conduit to showcase art forms that would have otherwise been a forgotten legacy. These talents, the people invested in them and their creative improvisation is a story worth broadcasting. We stand with the passion of the Kalakar (artist) we collaborate with, nurturing their artistic dispositions and pouring their light out into the world. Presently, we have had the pleasure to learn and create artifacts using Ajrakh, a vegetable dyeing process that dates back 4500 years, and Madhubani, an art form that implements the use of natural dyes and pigments to create beautiful geometrical patterns. What sets us apart is our creative imagination process. We conceptualise those art forms on to the beautiful objects of modern fashion. Funky Kalakar is an endeavour to transform, modernise and revive the ancient arts in a relevant contemporary fashion. Moreover, we look to explore prospects at making life better for the people who are in need of it, better for the earth because  a revolution is in order. 

Empowerment: A steadily progressing, power hungry world. But such a chasm between better life and poverty. We collaborate with artists in need of a better life but who show immense potential as well. A better understanding of the roots of our artists and their drive helps us contribute towards empowering them, helping them build better lives for themselves. We work towards giving them the recognition they deserve. 

Sustainability: With the planet in peril, from climate change, unsustainable energy sources and declining health. We understand just how important it is to not indulge in inefficient practices. Giving due respect to this issue, we endeavour to adopt safe and sustainable methods to create our artifacts. Despite Funky Kalakar being a novice still we have succeeded in crafting recycled rubber to minimise the wasteful scrap tires accumulating in landfills. What's more is that we have come up with a solution for the surplus fabric generated by the fashion industry to make indoor board games such as Chess and Snakes & Ladders.