BreLITE Collection

The BreLITE collection is a perfect blend of the ancient art and modern aesthetics. BreLITE stands for breathable and light shoes. We are proud to say that the BreLITE collection showcases one of the lightest shoes available in the market today. They weigh around 250 grams. 

The sole of the shoes is made from scrap tyres which are extremely light and long lasting. What makes our BreLITE collection special is that we are bringing back the legend. You guessed it right, the handloom fabric. The upper of the shoes are made of breathable cotton fabric which is handwoven to give a beautiful texture. The first handloom used in India to weave the cotton fabric was reported to be in 3rd millennium BC. We are extremely proud to showcase the rich tradition of handloom weaving of India which also exemplifies the richness and diversity of the country and the artistry of the weavers. 

Handloom Weaving - Funky Kalakar

The collection showcases ultra modern designs and is elegant and classy. It does shout and screams comfort. Once you start using them you will realise that you are actually living in them. This collection adds two new categories to Funky Kalakar’s family; SneakONS and Ankle strap flats

SneakONS: Vegan, Sustainable & Ethical 

It is a combination of sneakers and slip-ons. It takes comfort from both the categories and provides a very chic look. SneakONS are very versatile and can be accompanied by casual trouser or skirt or single piece dress. So many fashionistas are proving to us that you can rock your sneakers with every outfit- including dresses. 

SneakONS are super comfortable, practical and easy to wear on a day to day basis. They will allow you to go through your daily rituals and errands without much concern for your feet.

Ankle Strap Flats: Vegan, Sustainable & Ethical 

Funky Kalakar’s Ankle Strap flats are proof that flats can be every inch as feminine as a pair of heels. They are a chic alternative to heels. They are extremely comfortable and will give you a hip and modern vibe. Wear them with any style of trousers, skirts or even dresses. The fact that your toes are covered makes them appropriate for work. 

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